The Art Culture of the World

            The nations of the world have all had their own unique style of artists over the centuries. There have been artists that were inventive and creative by developing their own unique style of art, such as Pablo Picasso with his cubist style. It is with art that archaeologists and other scientists have been able to learn about the different civilizations of history. For example, the Egyptians used hieroglyphics as a way of communication over three thousand years ago. Not only was this one of the first written languages, but it was a language that was written in pictures and symbols. It was an artistic way of communication that has allowed modern day scientists to understand through visualizations what people were saying to each other back then.

            As time went on, art was not a literal form of communication between people anymore. Instead, it was a form of expressionism and a representation of different cultures. For example, the African culture has always used bright colors in their paintings, which represent people and families working together in order to survive. They feel that survival is the most symbolic thing about their culture because they are poor and have to rely on each other every day.

            In the Japanese art world, their paintings focus more on the flowers and landscape of Japan. When they show people in their art, they are usually showing Japanese warrior men or classy women servicing the men. In India, you will see religion represented the most in their paintings and sculptures because it is a heavily religious nation. When people from around the world look at a particular culture’s art, it sends a message to them about who they are and what they are about. You don’t have to learn their language or read their books to understand them because a picture is worth a thousand words.

            There are very few traditional artists in the world now. In other words, people don’t paint pictures or sculpt statues to be artistic anymore. These days people create three dimensional images on the computer in order to be artistic. In America, their form of art revolves around creating motion pictures and music. It basically has to do with the wealth of a nation and the times we are living in. Since technology has taken over most of the modern nations of the world, it has been used to produce all different forms of art. But, one thing has not changed in art and that is it still is a form of expression amongst the culture that creates it.